What is in a Healthy Vending Machine?

  • Beverages with 25 calories/8oz or less
  • Water and other low-calorie options at eye level
  • Vending machine sells only low-calorie beverages or allow sugary drinks on the bottom only
  • Healthy options include water, seltzer, unsweetened iced tea, fat free milk
  • Consider selling water at a lower price than the other beverages
Tips for Making Changes in Your Vending Machine
Start a Water Campaign

Why Focus on Vending Machines?

Seltzer Sells!

The fizzy quality of seltzer makes it appealing! Seltzer is commonly requested by employees and has been reported to sell very well in vending machines, especially health department buildings. Read the report >


People want unsweetened iced tea in vending machines

One county’s employee survey results show people overwhelmingly want healthy products such as unsweetened iced tea, G2 low calorie Gatorade, Vitamin Water Zero, and other low-cal beverages.Read the report >


Vending machine contracts are complex!

Learn the vending machine contract structure and processes as soon as possible, including length of contract, location of machines, sales data, types of machines and products available.Read the report >


Not all vending machines are alike

Read the report >


The purchasing department is key!

Involve the purchasing department early-on in the process to help facilitate communications with the vending company. Read the report >


Convince vending machine companies to COMPETE on healthy beverage access.

Educate vending companies on the financial benefits of increasing availability of non-SSBs in vending machines. Read the report >


Use your existing partner network to get the word out!

Use existing partner network to promote messages to other employers and businesses in your area that could benefit from these changes. Read the report >


Get a baseline on sales and track sales of healthier beverages.

Read the report >


Use in-person meetings to educate key stakeholders.

Educate worksites on the financial benefits of making healthy beverages available to employees since many may feel ‘burdened’ by the additional workload of changing the existing beverage climate.Read the report >


Find a plumber near you.

When you have a plumbing problem, or god forbid, a plumbing emergency, it is best to call a professional. Not all plumbing systems are the same, and there is usually a lot more going on behind the scenes than what it looks like. Whether you have a simple issue such as a clogged toilet, blocked drain or a dripping fixture, or something more serious such as a burst pipe or broken water line, it is best to call your local 1-877-DRPIPES to take a look.


Adapt existing materials and models to educate!

Replicate and adapt an existing successful model, such as NYC’s ‘Pouring on the Pounds’ campaign, to help spread the word. Read the report >


Put water and cups near vending machines as an alternative.

Employee surveys showed that people overwhelmingly wanted healthy products and alternatives to current beverage options. Read the report >

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