Start a Water Campaign

  • Make sure that water is readily available for all of your employees.
  • Serve water at all meetings.
  • Make sure that if bottled water is in your vending machines, that it is priced lower that the other beverages.
  • Put water and cups near vending machines as an alternative.
  • Use large (16oz.) cups to serve water.


Increasing Availability of Non-Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) in Public Places

Download the Presentation >

Tips for Making Changes in Your Vending Machines

Start with your purchasing department.

They are the ones who usually enter into the contract with the vending machine companies. You need their support and cooperation.


Do a survey of your employees

Find out what they would like in the vending machines and what their usual drink habits are. View a sample survey >


Have taste tests for employees with healthy beverages

Many employees may not have tried healthier drink options before.


If you have an employee union, get their support early in the process.

This will help to avoid any potential issues further down the line.


Make sure you have your administration’s support.

This can help with getting funding and avoid any problems with implementing.


Get a baseline on sales and track the sale of healthier beverages.

This information can help you make decisions about which beverages to keep a large stock of and what new beverage choices could be introduced.

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